Buggy excursions Sicily – Discover the charm of an adventure on Etna Mountain.

Route A

220 per vehicle 2-seaterSouth side of Etna
4 hours long

Route B

220 per vehicle 2-seaterNorth side of Etna
4/5 hours long

Route C

210 per vehicle 2-seaterAlcantara Valley
4 hours long

Route D

210 per vehicle 2-seaterMontagna Grande
& Motta Camastra
4 hours long


The SidebySide project was created from the 20 year experience of the technical team of the 4ELEMENTS organization with Acquaterra Association. Always looking for original and innovative ideas, a different way to go on 4×4 excursions was discovered during two trips to the desert in the Tunisian Sahara and Morocco, driving a fantastic, quick and gutsy vehicle, along off road tracks and sand dunes: the Dune Buggy.
The modern Dune Buggy, nowadays also known by the name Side by Side, is inspired by the legendary Volkswagen, of the sixties’ and seventies’, but technically it has been improved with the mechanical excellence of the Quad 4×4, adding greater stability, safety, and driving comfort thanks to the ‘side by side’ sport -seats, the 4 point seat belt harnesses and roll bar protection.
The Side by Side will give you a unique thrill, driving with the wind blowing in your hair, giving you the chance to safely experience a sensation of freedom and adventure.


The 4ELEMENTS Team is a group of professionals who love sport and nature and have made their passion into their life philosophy. Qualified and experts in numerous sports like Rafting, Canyoning, Kayaking, Archery, Trekking, Rock climbing, 4×4 off-roading plus many others, the team gets across their love for outdoor sports with passion and professionalism.
Deeply knowledgeable of the Sicilian territory, they’ll lead you on a sensory experience, made of emotions, unique flavours and sights, rich in history and traditions of our beloved island

Stefano Annese


Valeria Giuffrida

Executive Secretary

Aurelio Rossi

Chief Technician



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